Affectionately nicknamed 'Frenchies,' the French Bulldog was originally bred in the 1800's first in England, then in France. This breed is characterized by a cute, smush-able face with soft wrinkles and a bright, outgoing personality. French Bulldogs love attention and their loyal nature and high intellect make them a wonderful companion for just about anyone. They easily adapt to families and children, rarely bark, and can live peacefully with other pets as long as introductions are properly made.

French Bulldogs can be willful or stubborn so patient, consistent training as a puppy is essential to have a well behaved adult dog. Frenchies have short coats with a variety of colors including fawn, black and brindle. This breed does not do well in hot weather and care should be taken when exercising them in warmer climates as they could suffer from heatstroke. A Frenchie's compact size and high energy make them easily adaptable to many living environments including apartment or suburban life.

The French Bulldog is exceptionally charming and loving and is also a favorite among celebrities. David and Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Jackman, and Rhona Mitra are just a few of the Hollywood elite who have made a Frenchie a part of their families.

How to care for your French Bulldog: French Bulldog puppies are arguably the cutest you can find. Their short hair is easy to care for and they require only a weekly bath and nail trimming. Take care to keep the delicate folds of skin around the face clean to avoid excess moisture that can possibly cause irritation. Frenchies require fairly minimal excercise but thrives on a brisk, daily walk. Feed your puppy a high quality kibble and brush their teeth once a week to avoid dental issues.

How to choose a French Bulldog puppy for sale: It will be hard to choose just one French Bulldog puppy because their cuteness is addicting! If you must choose only one look for a puppy with short, strong legs and a shiny, healthy coat. A Frenchie puppy should be bright, keen and sociable with a good temperament. If you find a good French Bulldog puppy for sale you had better act quick because this delightful breed is a little hard to come by.