Originating in the U.S. around 1870 and aptly nicknamed 'The American Gentleman,' the Boston Terrier is a dapper little dog with a big personality. Originally bred in 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts, this terrier began as a cross between an English bulldog and a white English Terrier.

Small and compact, adult Boston Terriers weigh between ten and 20 pounds as adults and are notoriously loyal and eager to please their owners. If properly socialized as puppies, these well-mannered terriers get along with everyone including children and other pets. They are generally quiet puppies, only barking to alert their owners of someone at the door. Boston Terriers love to travel and see the world with their human families and because of their high energy will have no trouble keeping up with you.

These gentlemanly dogs are easy to train but require boundaries and rules to prevent them from taking over your house with their sweet faces and mischievous personalities. They require only moderate amounts of exercise and are well suited for apartment living as long as they get a good game of tug-of-war or a short walk/run in daily.

Caring for your Boston Terrier puppy: Boston Terrier puppies have beautiful short coats that come in colors such as black, brindle, or seal colored with white markings. They are low maintenance dogs that only require the occasional brushing of the coat and a weekly bath. Nails should be trimmed regularly and teeth brushed weekly to avoid dental issues as your puppy grows. Feed your puppy a high quality dog food and an occasional treat to spoil him but be careful not to over feed your baby to prevent obesity which could lead to health problems. Keep your puppy active for prolonged health.

What to look for when choosing a Boston Terrier puppy for sale: Look for a strong body with a clean coat and bright, clear eyes. Your new Boston Terrier puppy should be brisk, alert and playful with good teeth and an affectionate nature. Choose a puppy for sale from a reputable breeder and be sure you have the necessary supplies ready for when you bring your Boston Terrier baby home: Lots of love, attention, and a warm spot in your heart.