The Bichon Frise', derived from a French word meaning 'curly lap dog,' is the personification of regal elegance. Descending from Water Spaniel and the Standard Poodle, Bichon Frise' puppies were originally bred in 14th century with origins in the Mediterranean area and became a beloved favorite of the royal courts in the 16th century.

Bichon Frise' adults are a small breed, weighing between seven to twelve pounds and are the perfect companion and lap dog. Similar in appearance but slightly larger than the Maltese, these puppies have been known to melt even the coldest of hearts with their charm and extraordinary cuteness. Bichon Frise' puppies are considered the stars of the dog world and one of the healthiest breeds available. They love to show off and are very intelligent and easy to train, giving their owners pride and unmatched companionship. They are the perfect size for travelling and are suited to any environment. Whether you live in a condo in Manhattan, or the countryside of California, a Bichon Frise' puppy will love to be by your side. .

These wonderful, compact dogs are very sociable and love to snuggle and play and are highly intelligent and easily trainable. They adore attention and are great for families with children but supervision is recommended when playing with little ones under the age of 8 as small puppies can be delicate. .

Caring for your new Bichon Frise' puppy: These puppies have a curly, textured outer coat and silky undercoat. It is recommended to brush your puppy once a day to prevent mats and professional grooming is recommended every 4-6 weeks. A Bichon Frise' loves to be pampered so regular trips to the doggie spa will keep your little prince or princess happy and clean. Feed your puppy a high quality, dry dog food that is optimal for weight management and dental health and their tiny teeth should be brushed occasionally to avoid issues such as cavities. .

What to look for when choosing a Bichon Frise' puppy for sale: Look for a soft, clean white coat and playfulness. Your puppy should be robust, alert and joyful. Bichon Frise' puppies require only light exercise such as a daily brisk walk to keep them active and in good health. When purchasing a Bichon Frise' puppy for sale, make sure you have plenty of time to devote to showing love and affection because once you bring your adorable puppy home, you will want to do little else. .