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Caring for your new Yorkie Puppy

Your new Yorkie Puppy is like bringing home a newborn baby, here are some Important Tips. Food must be available for small breed and teacup puppies at all times! They should be eating 5 to 6 times a day. Figure on an average every 3 hrs!! This is very important to prevent hypoglycemia! You need to be watching that your puppy is eating frequently throughout the day and even in the middle of the night. These little ones are small and have small tummies and cannot eat alot at one time so consequently they eat often. Let them. Give new water and food in the morning and fresh again around 4 or 5 PM so they will have fresh food and water throughout the night. Do NOT feed only 3 times daily, that is a disaster waiting to happen....
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Today's Featured Puppy

Miss Rachel (ID 2358)

Miss rachel $2250 stunning sugar and sweet little girl with a fun personality. Small cobby stout frame, cute face and luscious haircoat.

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Puppy ID#: 2358 Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Name: MISS RACHEL Gender: Female
Color: BLACK & GOLD Date of Birth: September 11, 2014 (290 week(s) old)
Date Available: After 11/11/2014 Registry: AKC
Dad's Weight: 6 Mom's Weight: 5 lbs

Regal, sophisticated and noble, the affectionately nicknamed 'Yorkie' is considered royalty among the terrier breeds. Originally bred in the 19th century in the county of Yorkshire, England, this feisty puppy has become overwhelmingly popular with dog owners who desire a loyal, intelligent companion. In fact, Yorkshire Terriers are the second most popular breed in the world and are the preferred pet for high society living but are easily adaptable to a suburban lifestyle.

Yorkies make excellent lap dogs and the miniature version of this breed fits well into a satchel or small carrier, making them perfect for seeing the town with their masters. Yorkshire Terries have a fine, silky coat that sheds little and is a splendid pet for allergy sufferers. Yorkie puppies do well with children but due to their small stature should be supervised with kids under the age of ten. This breed does well with training and socialization and they love attention and affection, stealing the spotlight wherever they go and winning hearts with their wonderful personalities and adorable faces.

How to care for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy: Yorkshire Terrier puppies can be delicate so handle your puppy with care. The notoriously beautiful coat of your Yorkshire Terrier should be brushed daily to prevent mats and tangles and professional grooming is recommended every four weeks. Yorkies love to pampered so regular trips to the doggie spa will keep your fur baby happy. This breed needs only light exercise and your puppy should be fed a high quality dog food at regular intervals. Brush you puppy's teeth once a week to prevent dental issues and an occasional treat can be fed as a reward for good behavior.

What to look for when choosing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale: A reputable breeder who offers Yorkie puppies for sale should have a puppy with bright, clear eyes and a shiny, healthy coat that is clean and in good condition. The body should be small but sturdy and your puppy should be affectionate, alert and friendly. You really can't go wrong when you decide to make a Yorkshire Terrier puppy a part of your family. This delightful breed is versatile and bonds easily as long as you spoil them to their hearts' content.

Child Proofing Your Home

Childproof your house. Unplug electrical cords; keep wires from tv's and stereos out of their reach. No bones, No greenies, they can get stuck in their throats and choke. Certain plants are poisonous to puppies and dogs. Keep live plants away from your new puppy. Macadamia Nuts are bad for dogs, dont give them nuts. Chocolate is bad for dogs and puppies. Dont give them Chocolate. ....
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