Child Proofing Your Home

Childproof your house. Unplug electrical cords; keep wires from tv's and stereos out of their reach. No bones, No greenies, they can get stuck in their throats and choke. Certain plants are poisonous to puppies and dogs. Keep live plants away from your new puppy. Macadamia Nuts are bad for dogs, dont give them nuts. Chocolate is bad for dogs and puppies. Dont give them Chocolate. No Artificial Sweetners of Any Kind! Not in Cookies, Not in Treats, Not in Any Food You will give to your puppy or Adult Dog. Very Harmful for Dogs!! Keep Antifreeze away from dogs and puppies, it is Lethal !!! Keep Tylenol and any other Medications Away from Puppies and Adult Dogs!! In Florida we have what is called the "bufu" toad. They are deadly to dogs, puppies and cattle even. During rainy season in Florida which is May to September, these toads are out in abundance. A puppy or dog let out at night to do their final "business" may sniff at a tree or bush where toads hide at night. These terrible toads can emit a poison from the back of their heads not even looking at the dog and kill it. I lost one of my multi champion line 10 month old Shih Tzus, our beloved Coco, to these terrible toads. We rushed her to the emergency animal hospital but it was too late, she died 3 hours later and suffered a terrible death. I dont let my dogs out after dark, you should be careful about doing so also if you live in south Florida. Love your dog and put newspapers by the back door or use a potty park. This happens to many people every year in Florida. Be extremely careful please! If you catch this immediately upon happening, immediately rinse your dogs mouth out with running water, but do not let the dog swallow the water. Go to a 24 hour emergency vet immediately. If you have a cat also, get it declawed. Don't use collars on these little breeds, many Yorkies die at age 6 or 7 due to collars while walking them on leashes. They get collapsed tracheas. Be kind and use a body harness or harness dress or vest instead. Only wash puppies in a tearless puppy shampoo or Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. Either way, make sure it is tearless. Blow dry them thoroughly after washing so they dont catch cold.