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Deb (ID 2295)

Pug baby need we say more... Super cute perfect small cobby dogs with great personality and loves everyone our pups are guarenteed healthy and current shots, wormings and microchip and dew claws removed and so much more dont miss out on these perfect stunning pug babys

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Puppy ID#: 2295 Breed: Pug
Name: Deb Gender: Female
Color: Fawn with Black Mask Date of Birth: November 28, 2013 (331 week(s) old)
Date Available: After 01/23/2014 Registry: APRI
Dad's Weight: 15 Mom's Weight: 12 lbs

Pugs were originally bred in China and brought to Europe in the 17th century and were subsequently popularized in Western Europe by The House of Orange of The Netherlands and The House of Stuart of Scotland. Pugs have a notoriously cute, wrinkly face and a curly tail that spirals over the back. This breed has a larger-than-life personality and is easily sociable. Celebrities who own Pugs include bestselling author Dave Ramsey, Jessica Alba, Gerard Butler, and fashion designer Valentino Garavani.

Pugs are a small breed with a compact size and short, cobby body. They do extremely well in apartments and are generally adaptable to all living environments. The shiny coat of a Pug is available in many colors including black, fawn, apricot fawn and silver fawn. These puppies are easily trained with patience and a yummy treat as a reward for good behavior. Pugs have an adorable, crinkled face and short muzzle but because of narrow airways can get overheated very easily so your Pug puppy should never be left outside in warm weather.

How to care for your Pug puppy: The short coat of a Pug needs minimal grooming but the face wrinkles need to be kept clean to avoid excess moisture which could cause irritation. An occasional brushing of the coat is recommended along with a weekly bath. Brush your puppy's teeth once a week to avoid dental issues later on. Keep nails trimmed and feed a high quality diet but be careful not to overfeed. Pugs are prone to obesity so careful feeding and daily exercise is extremely important when owning this breed.

What to look for when choosing a Pug puppy for sale: Choose a puppy with a shiny, healthy coat and short, sturdy body. The tail should be curled over the back and the eyes clear and alert. When looking for a Pug puppy for sale from a reputable breeder, be sure to choose one with a sunny, friendly disposition and playful nature but be prepared to show off your new baby! Nothing stops traffic like an adorable Chinese Pug!